Restart and Registration WS16/17

Restart and Registration WS16/17

Sadly our last CS:GO team broke up recently. But we learn from our mistakes and we will restart next Semester bigtime!
We will change a few things, including the Registration. Not only the ones for the Teams/Gamegroups but also for everyone that wants to help with organizing.
Therefor we created a special page:


We’d be very happy if you were to register there if you are interested in joining us for the next semester. That’s for potential players, Coaches, Managers, Organisers, Helpers etc.


We’ll also try to start out a bit easier next semester, creating more teams, etc. Just trying to create a good environment for people who want to play competitivly, with special demand/encouragement for those who want to put some more effort in it.


We’re wishing all students the best of luck for the Exams-Period and we’re looking forward to the next semester with you!

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